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How long do I have to pursue my claim?

The general rule with personal injury cases is that claims should be brought to light within three years of the date of the accident or the date that the client had knowledge of the injury or condition. In certain circumstances the court will consider claims brought outside this period but normally an application to the court is required before permission to issue outside the three-year period can be obtained.

Where the potential claimant is under eighteen years of age, they have three years from the date that they turn eighteen to pursue any such action. The earlier advice is sought from a specialist solicitor the better.

What are your charges or deductions from my claim?

Providing your claim for damages is successful, we charge a small fee of 25% regardless of the settlement amount, so you can be sure of exactly what the fees are prior to starting your claim.

What is my claim worth?

Without detailed medical evidence, it is normally impossible to estimate the value of a case. The choice of medical expert is key, as is the work carried out by the solicitor in investigating and assessing the various heads of claim. Haymans Solicitors Ltd works closely with leading rehabilitation units, care assessment agencies, and employment experts to ensure that all past and future losses are included as part of any claim.

Can I be compensated for losses other than personal injury?

The answer is yes. We can pursue a claim for future and past loss of earnings, the cost of medical care, the additional time that friends or members of your family are required to spend caring or carrying out household chores for the injured person, along with any other financial losses or expenditure directly linked to the accident.

There are matters in my medical records that I do not wish to disclose.

We take client confidentiality very seriously. We appreciate that there are many matters in people’s medical notes and records that are sensitive. If a client makes a request, we ensure that any matters that are not of relevance to the claim in question are not disclosed in the course of the litigation.

Who will my claim be against? Can I claim against my own employer, family or friend?

A claim will be successful against the other party (whoever they may be) if you are able to establish that they are legally to blame. Each case needs to be assessed individually therefore it is important that you receive early specialist advice for each individual accident.

Can I claim on behalf of my child?

Yes, minors have the same rights as adults although their claim will need to be conducted via a nominated person, for example, parent/litigation friend. In most instances a minor’s damages are subject to court approval and must be invested for the benefit of the child.

Will I have to come into the office?

We can arrange a local appointment either at your home or hospital, telephone appointment or arrange to deal with you by post, e-mail or telephone. A lot of our clients are happy to deal with us using e-mail, telephone and post so it does not disrupt their normal day.

How long will my injury claim take?

Every case is different. A simple road traffic accident case with minor injuries can resolve within 3/6 months. However, the time period really depends upon whether the other party admit that they are to blame for the accident. We will always aim to progress your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we also must ensure we recover your damages in full and ensure we have obtained details of all your losses.

Sometimes complex medical evidence can delay the claim, but this is usually in the more serious injury cases where the medical evidence cannot be resolved.

When Haymans Solicitors Ltd settle a case, we need to ensure that we have explored and obtained full and proper evidence. The medical evidence needs to provide a prognosis period and we need to ensure that there will be no deterioration of your symptoms in the future. It is important to understand that any settlement reached will be in full and final settlement of your claim and we will not be able to return to the other side once your claim has been settled.

Can I claim if I'm a passenger or pedestrian?

Yes. If you are a passenger in a vehicle then you will be able to proceed with a claim against the other party involved in the collision or against the driver.

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