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Serious Injury Claims

Serious Injuries can have extreme effects on the injured person from the first instance and can continue to have a long-lasting impact affecting their quality of life.

Injuries of a serious nature can occur at any time and in any place and can stem from a range of causes. Although, one thing remains constant, the effect of serious damage is enduring and can greatly infringe upon a person’s family life, work opportunities, human needs and personal life.

Below are just some examples of serious injury cases:

  • Brain Injury
  • Fatal Accident
  • Amputation
  • Head Injury
  • Spinal Injury

Individuals who have endured serious injuries require the assistance of compensation in order to aid recovery of their normal life, endure long term rehabilitation or to counterbalance the time they have had to spend far from work and not receiving a salary during recovery.

The law covering this area is intended to aid those individuals who have survived the overwhelming effects of serious injuries and rely on compensation gained to try to lead their life back on track.

Any case for compensation ought to consider loss of income and the long-term monetary effect of injuries sustained.

We try to ensure individuals affected don't end up missing out financially as a result of another’s error.

Our team are centred around you and understand that rehabilitation and enhancing quality of life are critical. Our expert team are among the most experienced and utilise their knowledge and aptitude to enable you to receive the professional help you need to support your rehabilitation requirements.

They will work with the various experts in other fields supporting you, so you get the most ideal outcomes, aiding in your recovery and in your remuneration from any claim.

We work closely with rehabilitation and medical centres, doctors, therapists and case managers. Allowing us to guarantee that there is a consistent connection between your treatment and the claim.

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