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Spinal Injury

Many factors and incidents can cause spinal injuries. Medical negligence, injuries sustained by road traffic accidents or even sports injuries, just to name a few examples.

Any damage to your spine can change your life dramatically. If the injury was caused by another's negligence, you may need the help of our team of experts.

Compensation for spinal injury claims can enable you to receive medication and treatments which would not be accessible otherwise.

Spinal cord injuries are arranged in two different ways:

  • how severely the spinal cord has been damaged (completely or fragmented);
  • the explicit area of the damage on the spinal cord.

A devastating injury like spinal cord damage is a great burden to bear both physically and mentally. If the damage sustained was not your fault, you have the right to make a claim against those liable for the injury.

Making a compensation claim can have a major effect with regards to receiving much needed finances for medical treatment and recuperation needs. You may require changes to your home and vehicle, to empower you to remain mobile and independent. Furthermore, there is the loss of salary to also factor in.

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